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Anekanta Consulting

The Innovation Centre, Sci-Tech Daresbury
Keckwick Lane, Daresbury
Cheshire, WA4-4FS
United Kingdom
Primary Contact Name:
Pauline Norstrom
Primary Contact Email:
Member Since:
Anekanta Consulting is a boutique innovation and consultancy hub which solves problems and adds entrepreneurial value to technology-focused organizations with an interest in artificial intelligence, video surveillance and safety domains. Anekanta’s fresh ideas and business strategies add value to product development and enable company startup, development, improvement and digitalization across strategic business functions.
Industry Segments:
Drones and Robotics, Integrated Systems, IT and Cyber, Video Solutions, Access Control, Alarms & Intrusion
Markets Served:
Aviation/Airports, Chemical Facilities, Commercial, Corporate, Federal Government, Financial Institution, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality/Entertainment, Nuclear Facilities, Pharmaceutical, Port/Maritime, Public Transit/Transportation Infrastructure, Retail/Loss Prevention, State & Local Government
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