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2021 Security Megatrends

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[Free for SIA members] Each year, the Security Megatrends™ publication forecasts 10 essential trends reshaping the industry and provides research and executive perspectives into those trends. The trends are researched and defined with the input of executives at SIA member companies, Securing New Ground (SNG) event speakers and attendees, SIA's Executive Council, and others.
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The 2021 Security Megatrends™ report is an in-depth annual publication (now in its fifth year), and produced by SIA to forecast the major trends affecting security industry businesses. Leveraging insights from independent research and key presentations at the SNG conference, Security Megatrends captures a vision of the industry’s future and distills key trends that will impact your organization in the coming year. The 28-page report features original research, statistics, summarizations and executive perspectives on the impact of these Megatrends.

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