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SIA TVAC-01-2001.04 - TVAC - CCTV to Access Control Standard

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This standard details an interface protocol, including a general message architecture and specific message sets, for communications between a CCTV switching sub-system and an Access Control sub-system. This standard may be applied to any two or more sub-systems of either type. This standard may also be applied to sub-systems of other types if their functionality is supported within the message sets. This standard assumes bi-directional communications where no sub-system is a master over the other/s. Each sub-system may issue any of the defined messages, however each sub-system may decline requests that are made from the other. This standard specifies the high order layers of the interface protocol including: Application, Presentation, and Session. It is assumed that other conventional protocols, such as TCP/IP, RS-232, and RS-485, will be used for the lower protocol layers, including: Transport, Network, Data Link, and Physical.
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